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How To Create A 5 Paragraph Essay In Two Hours

An essay may be a story, an investigation or just the opinion of the writer. But whether it’s a project or part of an exam, an essay can prove to stifle the mind of even the most dedicated and creative student. For this reason, it is helpful to know how to structure a basic essay when one presents itself—sometimes unexpectedly.


First, draw up a rough draft of your outline. A good outline should include an introduction as your first paragraph, the method of obtaining the information as the second, the result of the method as your third, a general discussion of the results as the fourth and finally the conclusion drawn from all of the information explored. This system of outline also works for narrative essays as will be shown below.


Your introduction should envelop the general strategy of what you’re endeavouring to write. You may want to give a brief explanation of all the points that are following, namely the method, result and discussion. You can also venture to state your opinion of what the conclusion will be, or simply take a standpoint of unbiased and state only the facts. An introduction to a story is a backdrop describing the setting of the narrative such as place, time and circumstances.


The method of research is all about information and calculations. This is where you will state the facts that lead to the result. Even with a narrative essay, the method system is used, because a starting point of events must be stated before the results of the events can be told. In the same way, in a cause and effect essay, the method would be the cause, whereas the result would be the effect.


Here you have the consequences of the facts, or the effects of the cause. Your investigation has lead you to this point and the evidence is presented to the reader. If this was the part of your story, it would be the climax.


Now take a position of general discussion about the method and the result. Let the reader mull it over in their mind through your thought process. You may start leaning towards an opinionated conclusion at this point. For a narrative, the events of the starting point and the climactic incidents that occurred as a result, should be summarized now and taper off towards a post climactic state.


Whether it’s the wrapping up of your story or the concluding of your investigation, make the conclusion speak for you. It should signify what you wanted to convey from the start and bring the subject to a closing point for the reader.

Remembering these six simple steps should greatly improve your essay quality and help you to pull a good essay out of your hat when the need arises. Good luck!

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