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Cell Phones

Can we imagine modern life and world without cell phones? It is a hard question. Today even the question: do you have cell phone?, sounds silly. But people still forget that not long time ago our lives did not depend on this device.

The first models of cell phones were simple phones that consisted of only cord and battery. This device was developed only in the 20th century. The main and the single its function was to give people possibility to interact and communicate on distance.

What do we have today ? The phone's size, it's significant design, additional possibilities and functions make up the popularity and the price of cell phones. Furthermore, analyzing the growth of cell phone's usage in the whole world, it can be surely said that this phenomena defies all existing boundaries - gender, racial and age. If you have cell phone, you will solve many problems or issues and hold world's information just in your hand.

Cell phones pay very significant and important role in our lives. Every person relies on cell phone and finds his own use - to be alarm clock, address book or day planner. If you have business, use cell phone to make schedule of your work, lead one's meeting or conduct one's trade - you need cell phone in anyway. Still, advantages are enormous : usage in case of emergency; long cheap talks; to spend time, if you are bored with games or applications; navigation and Google maps will lead you to the place you need; making any reservations or purchase without using a computer.

What is on the other side? They are not absolutely safe. Today's science is highly developed, but still cannot provide phone's safeness. Cell phone's electromagnetic emissions heat up human tissue and cause radiation on young teenager's organisms. That is why, the raise of health concerns is seen recently, as this useful devices cause to blood-brain barrier, ear problems and serious diseases, such as brain cancer as well.

Drivers talking by phone are likely to get into car crashes. Lately experts researched on relation between cell phones and car accidents. The result is: cell phones caused from four hundred to thousand crashes.

To sum up, every medal has two sides. Still everyone should realize that too much time is spent on social media and internet applications. Youngsters rely on cell phones too much, though parents should consider this and take measures. The last and the most important fact: tiny cell phones should not replace personal interaction.

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