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A Guide on How to Write an Essay About a Movie


Before beginning to write an essay on a movie take notes about the historical context, the characters and the plot development of the film. Consider the direction and the message you think the film is trying to convey.  Think about the film and how you feel about it and its significance for the audience. Register what you enjoy about the film and why and how the actors and actresses portray their characters. Remember that a film is made to entertain as well as inform and your essay should reflect this.

Make sure that what you write reflects the entertaining and thought provoking nature of the movie.

An essay about a film may also be critical about some aspects. This is the nature of movie criticism so present pros and cons about the movie including the acting and screening and its visual impact.

The conclusion of the essay should not be a recapitulation of the introduction although it should restate the thesis and why your supporting arguments prove it. You should try to be as original as possible in your observations because the conclusion is part of the process of defining your vision of what the film represents and its importance for the audience. It should encourage the reader to see the movie and form his or her own opinion with what you have written as a guide.

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