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A Professional Code Of Conduct

We all have our attitudes and personality that is often difficult to ignore during our day to day activities. Our traits and beliefs always find a way to show itself, in some small way, despite our efforts to hide or detach ourselves from them. For this reason, many companies, groups and large scale establishments designate a set guideline for their employees to adhere to. These guidelines may serve many specific purposes, from ensuring that the company or organization does not find itself in a legal bind, to ensuring good service or the safety of their employees. Professional codes of conduct can come in many forms and each has its unique purpose depending on the situation.

In large corporations

Some businesses have many clients, ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. Most companies advertise themselves in a certain manner, attempting to project a certain image and it is important that the employees act within the boundaries and expectations of that image. For instance, the reason why check out cashiers and restaurant staff often smile at you and speak politely is because of the codes of conduct set by their employers, not because they are truly happy to serve you. You can observe this in airline attendants, bar tenders and most types of customer service employees as well. Managers often stress on the importance of these acts since it serves to provides customers with a sense of comfort and ease.

The individual

One does not act in accordance with a code only because they are employed by a large organization or firm, many people impose their own set of rules and regulations which they adhere to religiously. For example, a serial killer or someone involved in organized crime often have strict rules to which they adhere. Though these activities may not seem like a profession to most, these individual demonstrate the ability to maintain extreme discipline in some difficult situations and do deserve to be classed as professionals in what they do.


Working for oneself seems like an attractive prospect until one realizes that time catches up and you find yourself swamped in work. Many freelancers develop a code of conduct to ensure they keep up with their workload. A necessary trick that can be fatal if not learned early as many amateurs realize.

A professional code of conduct can be defined by the individual or a firm, in all instances, it is expected to be respectable and unobtrusive to any person who may happen to be in the area.

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