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Have Several People Read Your School Essay

Some students don’t realize how important it is to get lots of feedback on your essay. Everyone who reads it for you will find different things. They will pick out some positives and will also spot some areas to be improved upon. That’s the whole reason for seeking feedback. Otherwise how would you improve your essay and ultimately grow into a better writer?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to get feedback from. You could ask a family member, friend or fellow student. Preferably someone who’s either a good reader or good writer themselves. You are more likely to get effective responses from people who are serious about helping you become a better writer.

Asking for feedback can take place at any stage of writing. It can even happen before you start writing because you can ask someone to brainstorm with you to develop some topic ideas for your essay. When working on an essay by yourself, you are in your own little bubble. You are more likely to wander off topic.

Feedback can help you stay on track with your writing, yet many people shy away from asking anyone for feedback.

It’s true that any of these things could be a roadblock. But if you realize how essential feedback is to good writing, you may find new ways to ask people for help with feedback.

It always helps to have more than one person read your school essay. It gives you a much broader picture when the feedback comes from a wide variety of sources. You may not like and you may not agree with all the feedback you get but you should still thank the person for taking the time and effort to read your school essay for you. Who knows? You may need to ask them again sometime.

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