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Paradise lost essays: sympathy for satan

In the world of epic poems, Paradise Lost is a true gem. The story about the fall of Satan can create a sense of sympathy for the fallen angel in a way that no other piece of literature can. The angel that was once the light of heaven becomes a character that many people actually develop sympathy for in this classic epic from John Milton.

Good Versus Evil

Even though Paradise Lost shows the classic struggle between good and evil, many people tend to feel sympathy for Satan. When they are assigned an essay about the epic poem, students often find it enjoyable to write about their concern for the fallen angel. It is often significantly easier to write about a character that has flaws than it is to write about a perfect character, like God the Father or God the Son. Milton made Satan a dynamic character that makes him an accessible topic for many students tackling this complex piece of literature.

Stock Characters Affecting Dynamic Characters

It is not unusual for students to write about Satan, especially because the rest of the characters are static characters with stock characteristics. Flat, static, stock characters are difficult to write about because they do not have any changes or other experiences that allow students to develop unique claims. The stock characters can help support claims written about dynamic characters like Satan, especially when essays show how the dynamic characters relate to the stock ones.

Follow the Rules of Essay Writing

When writing essays about Paradise Lost and the sympathy that you have for Satan, be sure that you follow essay writing rules and formats. Your essay will be more successful if you include a unique, attention-getting hook along with a debatable claim. It is also vital to have thoughtful examples that support your claim of having sympathy for Satan. The conclusion should close the essay so the reader agrees with what you are trying to prove in your claim.

Connect the Poem to Real World Events

When you write about Paradise Lost, remember that students have been writing about this epic poem for many years. The centuries old poem has not changed over time, but the way that modern readers relate to the poem has changes. Writing about Paradise Lost is your opportunity to show how you relate to the piece in the modern world. The connections do not have to be personal connections; some of the best connections are to actual contemporary events.

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