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Vital Essay Editing Ideas To Help You Succeed

You’ve done your research, written your essay and even revised it once or twice. Now it’s time to edit it. Think of yourself as a movie director. You may have worked hard at some scenes, but the movie is either too long or just doesn’t flow properly because some of the scenes are not cohesive to the rest of the film. Your essay is the same, but fortunately for you, editing an essay is easier than cutting scenes from a movie; so let’s get editing!

Every sentence

Editing involves the scrutiny of every sentence. Because you’re getting marked by your professor on relevant points to your topic, you need to make sure that each line of content is synchronized and properly descriptive of the subject at hand.

Weeding your essay

There are certain things in your essay that need to be identified and removed to heighten the quality of your work. These include:

The tense

This is critical! The professor examining your essay will immediately pick up if you’ve muffed the tense. There may be sections that require had been instead of been, or he couldn’t find instead of he hadn’t found. Be careful of these because they’re easy to miss, even for professionals.

Check your word count

For a professor, an essay that goes over its word count is just as frustrating as one that is under. When you edit your essay, make sure your word count is close to or on the specified amount. This is where you need to be strict with yourself and cut out what you know can be done without.

Your conclusion

Some students find it confusing to write a conclusion without repeating much of the information they’ve already covered. Try to sum up your essay with a concluding tone and find an ending that is relevant to your paper, but doesn’t relay information that is already apparent. Rather focus on giving a consequential outcome that narrows in on the result of everything you’ve written.

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