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Root Cause Analysis for Patent Infringement between Apple and Samsung


By looking at the major technology company Apple, certain aspects of their innovation will be shed light on. In order to gain a better understanding of their significant contributions to the various fields they have influenced, the scope of their actual discoveries will be evaluated. This root cause analysis will investigate Apple’s response to Samsung copying their technologies in products.

This essay will evaluate the specific nature of the conflict between Apple and Samsung. Since this is the most modern and continued dispute between major mobile manufacturers the nature of their legal interactions illustrate infringement costs and actions. Their disputes will be assessed in terms of the impact on one another as well as to the consumer in their production and distribution of electronics.

Objectives of the Assignment

The objective of this assignment is to illustrate the root cause of patent infringement experienced by Apple from Samsung. Through this root cause analysis (RCA) it will be possible to determine what happened, why it happened and to identify potential courses of action that could reduce the likelihood of recurrence happening again. Three basic types of clauses are physical causes that relate to material items failing or tangible implications. Alternatively, human causes occur when there is operator error or decision-making leads to physical damage. Finally, organizational causes illustrate how people make policies that can influence decision-making in general. This can be in reference to a system, particular process or outcome of a person work.

Root cause analyses looks at these types of causes and investigate any patters that we could be contributing to affect the system experiences. Therefore, the objective is to understand and solve problems relating to this topic. In illustrating how it will cause analysis can identify negative events as they're occurring and carefully analyze complex systems that exist around the problem. Essentially, this assignment will illustrate a system wide review on comprehensive analysis of significant problems as well as the contributing events that lead to them.

Organization of the Assignment

The organization of this analysis takes on several steps. The first step is to define the problem and identify what is happening. This will be used within the example of Apple to identify any specific symptoms of their infringement on technology and the rights of their business compared to Samsung. Step two would be to collect data or proof that the problem actually exists. Further, how long the problem has manifested and the overall impact should be analyzed at this stage. The reviews of experts on staff who understand and have demonstrated relevance about the situation are consulted to create the best form of the stage. Next it is important to identify important causal factors or conditions under which a problem may occur. This is because of the subtle nature of these implications to the central problem and should be illustrated in their interconnected nature at this point. Causes or factors can be assessed using appreciation, a description of why, drills as far as breaking down the larger components. The next step is to identify root causes or the real reason a problem may be occurring. The tools used in the previous discussion will be used again in order to illustrate how many causes could be interrelated to larger problems or concern.

Finally after documenting the analyzed potential causes and consequences, it is possible to recommend an intimate solution for future change in this area. This stage involves identifying what can be done to prevent problems from happening as well as how the solution should be implemented. Finally who is responsible for the solutions and their impact should be analyzed in terms of credibility.

Description of the problem

Over the past decade there have been a number of law suits and legal battles faced by Apple. These are significant because of the number and variety of organizations that have filed litigation about Apples products.

This is the broader context of the specific problem faced by Apple today. Disputes between them and Samsung have been highly prevalent over the past decade because of changing policies and dependencies. The most recent evolution of this problem has been the infringement of Samsung devices on Apple’s patented technology with their operating system. Apple representatives to be a significant replication of their own design have articulated the technology used on their mobile devices.

While this problem is complex and requires consistent attention to legal proceedings, it is compounded by the dependent relationship that these two organizations have with one another. Since Apple relies on Samsung to provide necessary parts for the production of their devices and vice versa, there are significant utilitarian benefits to their relationship. Thus, the lawsuits and implications for infringement must be understood in the larger context of co-functioning businesses.

Brief overview of the company

Apple was incorporated in 1977 and later specialized in a variety of home computing devices. These efforts were eventually further into a large-scale communication and portable digital music player and media device industry. Amongst the company's most famous products are the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple TV. Over the past 15 years they have significantly developed a number of companies to assist with their daily technology and innovation needs. Their software and devices provide consistent service and valuable operation functions in what is now a universally recognizable interface. For example, the iPhone combines a mobile phone, an iPod and an Internet device within a single product. The company has launched several versions of these devices as well as the iPad and Mac for both personal and professional use. The iCloud and other software products released for OS X and iOS are symbolic of the scope Apple occupies in the marketplace.

Problem Description

Over the last decade, the number of lawsuits between major technology companies. These include Apple and Samsung profiles over 40 lawsuits against one another in the area of patents. In some ways there has been improvement since both parties have agreed to drop all litigation outside of United States. This began in 2010 when Steve Jobs accused Samsung of copying the design of the Iphone with their product the Galaxy S. These disputes have continued on a number of fronts in terms of infringement on technology, software and other proprietary material.

Even though Samsung and Apple are in legal disputes between one another in court, they are integral parts of each other's business processes. This is because Samsung supplies key components for Apple devices and is believed to be one of Apple's Samsung is rated one of Apple's main customers.

Explanation of the approach the company used

The most important type of approach that Apple has to these types of situations is to implement defensive tactics that meet legal persecutions without continuing products that may have refutable approaches. This is a softer perspective because it allows for a more modest approach to accusations without presenting a negative company image.

In terms of the most significant battle that has been intended continuously to affect Apple’s performance, there are elements of mutual benefit that appear in their response strategies. The nature of their response to Samsung releasing technology that imposed on their patents was more patient in offering a grace period for change. This attitude demonstrates the importance of the patent infringement that Apple experienced without making demands on Samsung that were inapplicable or otherwise excessively difficult.

In terms of the affect that apple has on policies where their own technologies infringes on others, there are several elements of policy that should be illuminated. Much of this is related to the need for LCD screens throughout the production of their technology.

Critical Evaluation of the approach used by the company

In some ways Samsung is known to use a ‘survival strategy’ in order to retaliate against implications posed by Apple. The crux of the argument is that Apple feels that implications of android are interfering with their patented technology. Samsung responds that these are consequences of Google’s platform and not the devices they produce inherently. Apple’s strategy has been to accuse Samsung with specific reference to a number of products in order to provide evidence of the breach. After having a battle about the nature of patent discrepancies several years ago, the litigation continues with present tension about the Galaxy, one of Samsung’s latest devices. In reference to the RCA analysis, the implications posed by this problem reflect strategy or human decision-making. These result in manifestations within the specific material nature of goods, but are the consequence of human action.

These indicate a complex nature of causal factors leading to this problem manifesting further in the marketplace. While initially beginning as a legal battle, the important exchange of goods and services contributed to a unique relationship between these two companies. However, these trade relations were outside of the existing demands on copyright infringement. The central issue is that Samsung, and potentially Google, have infringed on the doctrine established by Apple. While Samsung implementing congruent technology is the main problem in this dispute, the underlying cause is Google’s android software.

How could they have improved

The strategies that Apple implements are related to the specific nature of the area that is within dispute. Since there have been the greatest elements of infringement based on the discrepancies of technology and software development between Samsung and Apple, the strategies can be improved through which the companies threaten one another over necessary resources.

In this way, environmental concerns within the industry will have a significant and useful example of litigation between two major players. This will cultivate an atmosphere of change that can provide better corporate images, and more unanimously recognizable developments for cell phone users.

Other approaches that can be used

Since there are a number of similarities between the functions of Samsung and Apple in the retail space for phones and other computing devices. The partnership of these organizations is fundamental to the precarious nature of their legal communications and discrepancies. One approach that could mitigate the complex relationship between the two organizations would be for them to further collaborative efforts and eventually merge together. This would avoid the increasing costs of patent and other legal warfare, while allowing for two separate brand images to be maintained by the existing platforms. While this alternative is pragmatic in terms of the exchange of parts and services for phone creation, it may not be conducive to comparison in terms of strategic management.

What approach is most appropriate and why

Defining the most appropriate solution is dependent on the unique impressions of each company’s corporate and public image. Since the legal battles cost significant resources and implementation of negative publicity in terms of business changes or objectives, an appropriate solution would vouch for the mitigation of these known risks. Using this definition it is possible to evaluate the current and prospective strategies of these companies with respect to the best practices they can offer their consumers.

Merging is further a beneficial procedure because it allows for the implementation of more knowledge and perspective in the application of innovation. Since both companies have common end goals of maintaining and expanding market presence, it would be influential for their resources to be used together in order to further the progress of technology and creation of effective material goods for large-scale markets.

Discuss how the Solution (other approaches) can be implemented by the company to achieve maximum development

According to the root cause analysis, what happened was that Samsung created a product that reflected the principles of design utilized by Apple. This happened primarily because of the use of Android platforms within their products. Since both of these companies are seeking to expedite their position in the marketplace, their intentions are competing. Due to human and organizational causes it is evident that the solutions that Apple and Samsung have come up with in dealing with patent infringement are to increase their respective scopes . There are a variety of conditions that have brought about this situation such as the large marketplace share of each vendor. The solution that could provide a maximum benefit would involve maintaining legal pursuit but perhaps with more focused attention as to who is responsible. Since a variety of the concerns Apple has is with the Android operating system it would be viable for them to pursue Google instead of Samsung in some areas.

Summary of findings

In this essay, a number of aspects were assessed of patent infringement related to Apple. Since there are so many different companies that occupy a comparable retail space for cell phones, computing devices and other relevant media technology, it is no surprise there are significant competitors vying for patent related funds. There are several relevant examples of how Apple infringes on the property and intellectual material rights of other organizations. Similarly, Apple experiences a number of disputes from competing agencies and manufacturers who have copied their systems. The lengthiest of such disputes relates to Samsung and Apple. In terms of the possible outcomes that can be created by effective press and legal action by Apple, it is possible to foster a long-term positive public image. It will also allow the giant to take responsibility without negatively impacting the brand image of their business.

What did you discover

The most significant discovery of this investigation for me was that Apple’s public image is marred by a number of disputes. The behavior in this area of business is important because it illustrates the ethics of practical conduct that apply to all other areas of conduct. The most impeding battle between Apple and Samsung also demonstrates the ongoing nature of patent battles and the extent that which they can reach.

What are the key learning points for you and the readers of your assignment?

Some aspects of this argument that were new and relevant to the reader are that the battles between Apple and Samsung are ongoing. However, they also have partnerships in terms of manufacturing. This makes the nature of their business interactions unique and multidimensional. It also is important to note that the basis for much dispute has to do with the android platform, which does not belong to Samsung. Further, this fact has brought out difficult personalities from both groups and is integral to the way legal choices are made.

How will your learning help you in your future research works and working profession?

This investigation is important because it illustrates a variety of formats of influences. It clearly identifies important trends and the consequences of pertinent actions within the field of an organization. This is beneficial because it notes the value of specific details in the broader context. Ultimately, the process of conducting this type of analysis was helpful for future works because it made me familiar with the Harvard annotation style. It also familiarized me with an effective method of compiling large amounts of data into an organized and viable formula to form the most meaningful opinion. The analysis methods are vital to creating useful conclusions and can be applied in some capacity to every area of working professionals.

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