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Asking a Professional: Main Steps of Essays Proofreading

Do you know what the most important part of any essay is? If you think it is the essay content, you are probably mistaken because content holds no substantial value if it lacks quality. What exactly do we mean by content quality here? The quality of your essay content is judged based on how well you proofread your essay to eliminate mistakes of whatever sort you are likely to commit because you are human. Most of you put in so much effort into constructing your essay that you often ignore the proofreading stage. If your essay has spelling mistakes or grammatical errors it will cast a dark shadow over all your effort, which is, why we have devised a simple strategy to guide you how to proofread your essay.

  1. Know your weaknesses

    The most important beginning step is to identify your weak areas. What sort of mistakes are you likely to commit? Go through your previous writings and compare them to find out whether you are weak at grammar of the spellings?

  2. Divide your essay into portions

    Now, pick out the essay you intend to proof read and divide it into portions based on their importance and structures. Go from most formal to least formal because you need to be more careful proofreading the formal parts of your paper.

  3. Make notes about where you need to make changes

    If you are not sure about your corrections, make side notes and mark down everything you need to review and edit/correct/rewrite. You want to polish your essay and rid it from any sort of mistakes.

  4. What are your focus points?

    Yes the focus points while you are proofreading are spellings, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, repetition, synonyms (in case you find some fancy words that can be substituted with your current words and phrases). Make sure it is free from basic grammatical errors and spelling bloopers. Feel free to consult good dictionary for spellings, a thesaurus for synonyms, a handy grammar guide to clear doubts about tenses and sentence structures. There is no shame in looking for help when the outcome has to be a perfect error free essay. Keep a keen eye because some errors are so tiny and basic that we often tend to ignore them.

  5. Always get a second opinion

    Once you are done with your part of proofreading, it is advisable that you look for second person’s opinion. Ask your teacher or older sibling to proofread it once so that if there are some mistakes left they can spot them.

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