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Definition of Beauty

The effect of beauty has left every creature on the planet desiring to be associated with it, either directly or indirectly. Beauty can be sacred, disturbing, profane, consoling, chilling, exhilarating, inspiring and or appealing. Beauty affects us significantly in different forms. It always demands to be noticed, and like an intimate friend, beauty constantly speaks to us. However, a few people are unresponsive to beauty simply because they do not perceive it. Despite the unanimous acceptance and feeling of the presence of beauty, a standard measure of beauty has been elusive. This is so due to the fact that beauty is regarded to concern taste and its judgment must be inclined to this.

Beauty can be discerned in abstract ideas and concrete objects, in works of art and works of nature, in people, animals and things, in actions, objects and qualities. There are beautiful deaths and beautiful diseases, beautiful snails as well as beautiful proofs, beautiful worlds as well as beautiful propositions. The definition and conceptual perception of beauty has also varied greatly from one group to another and from one organization to another. In the Christian theological thinking, the appealing idea about beauty can be traced back to Plato and Platinus. This idea describes beauty as an ultimate value, something pursued for its own sake. The reasoning is that beauty is comparable to truth and goodness.

According to Anderson, the response to beauty can lead people to take photographs of beautiful scenes, marry the person they think of as beautiful and even spend money to be in a beautiful place. However the idea of beauty has sometimes resulted to distraction from important issues. Often, beauty has been said to make people blind. A man, for example, may marry a woman simply because she is beautiful. This may lead him to ignore some vices in her. Many have bought things simply because it is appealing to the eye, only to find later that they were deceived by beauty. These scenarios have earned beauty the title of deceptive.

In conclusion, beauty can be said to comprise of all qualities such as color, shape, and form that gives pleasant feeling to the esthetic senses, especially the sight. However, the taste and recognition of beauty varies from one party to another. In other words, beauty is said to lie in the eyes of the beholder. Despite the many positive feelings it brings to a party, beauty has been regarded as deceptive and should be treated cautiously.

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