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Changes In Communication Patterns Due To Facebook 

Communication is the exchange of words, ideas and thoughts between two beings. It can be verbal, oral, written, through gestures and even jargon-as the animals do it. Ever since the advent of time when different species came together they felt the need to interact with each other. This interaction between two or more beings is called communication. However the way we communicate has changed a lot from the old age.

Back in the past the most reliable communication was the writing technique. It could be said as the first step towards technology. The early human saved his words and validated them by writing them on stones, leaves etc. this later progressed to printing press and then computers. With advancements in technology every aspect of human life has changed and so has communication. Since the past twenty years the communication has become more and more global and wide reaching. There are trillions of ways to reach your desired audience including text messages, fax, e-mail, blogging, social media and specially Facebook.

The invention of smartphones has made access to internet possible for every human at all times. According to a report every one out of four people is either blogging or face booking at any given time. The increased use of Facebook has made it an important part of our daily lives and its addiction is not merely limited to the youth. The way we communicate has changed a lot after the social media revolution. Facebook for instance is a place where you can get instant response from your peers and family sitting millions of miles away from you. The best part about these networks like Facebook is that they are free to use for an infinite period of time. Unlike the old technology methods like fax or post or telephone calls that charged quite a significant price for contacting people and interacting with them. There are people who believe that this change is not all positive and the communication patterns have now turned greatly towards informal tone and the professionalism may be affected. However the counter argument they get is that it is important for both parties to understand each other completely regardless of the idea whether they are using obsolete and complicated language or not.

In many respects, Facebook and other social media have changed the way we communicated almost two decades ago.

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