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How To Write Papers Formally and With Clarity

In a world where technology reigns supreme, people have become lazier in general. We have employed texting terminology to be the basis of how we speak and often write. With that being said one cannot utilize texting terminology for an academic essay. Academic papers are formal and text language is not. If you are having trouble writing papers formally and with clarity then this article is for you.

Paper structure:

If you are writing an academic paper it must have, like all papers, an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should include a thesis statement. This statement is generally integrated into the opening line of the paper. The thesis is the main idea for which your story is based. After you have developed the main idea and given an overview of the work you need to move to the body of the paper. This is your meat and potatoes. It expands of the many ideas related to your thesis and offers up supporting facts to support your stance. When going for clarity one could add subheadings to each section or end the paragraph or topic with a conclusion that transitions into the next topic. In the conclusion one must restate the given thesis and summarize the main points that were covered throughout the paper.

Avoiding Jargon and other informal grammar:

Avoiding regional slang and other colloquialisms will help add clarity to your writing. The use of slang words and the likes are seen as informal. Although they comfort the reader and appear conversational in tone, this is not what you want in your academic paper if you want it to be a successful one. Avoid the use of contractions. Spell out words like don’t (do not) and couldn’t (could not). Also be aware of your audience. You do not want to address an older crowd with teen terminology, nor do you want to use upper level words on school aged children. The paper needs to match the audience who will be reading it.

Other ways to keep your writing formal:

You should always talk in the third person when writing an academic paper. Words like “I” and “you” from the first and second point of view are conversational in tone thus unfit for a formal paper. You also need to employ a professional tone in your writing as well. Do be overly critical of a topic, you must remain fair at all times and avoid cliches.

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