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How to Conduct Quality Essay Proofreading

Proofreading is an essential part of great essay writing, and the longer you commit to conducting a quality proofread the more likely your paper will earn top grades in class. Proofreading, however, is not just a simple case of reading your paper once over in hopes of finding the occasional spelling error or missing punctuation. Proofreading is a detail-oriented process that usually requires you to read your paper two or maybe even three times before you can say that you are done. Here’s how to conduct a quality essay proofread:

Proofreading at the Essay Level:

Proofreading should take place at multiple levels, and the first level should occur in what is known as the whole essay level. Read the entire article and make sure the essay makes sense. If a paragraph feels out of place you may consider rewriting it. Make all grammar, spelling and punctuation corrections as you encounter mistakes, but also make sure to look for tone and sentence structure. Make sure your sentence length vary and make sure you have use transition sentence effectively.

Proofreading at the Paragraph Level:

The next level of proofreading requires a closer read of your work, meaning you should look and treat each paragraph individually. Again, make corrections to all mistakes you encounter, but also make sure that each paragraph is self-contained with a topic sentence and at least two or three pieces of evidence that relate to the topic and support your central argument. If you find disconnection between the information in your paragraph and your topic sentence try to re-write your content. If you can’t manage to get it all to work, then you may have remove the material entirely.

Proofreading at the Sentence Level:

The closest level of proofreading occurs at the sentence level. By now, mistakes may seem scarce, but you can never be too sure. Be diligent at this level of proofreading because chances are the mistakes you fail to catch here will make their way into the final paper. Make sure each sentence has clear subject and verb, and watch out for any run-on sentences or phrases that are too complicated. Clear and simple English is the best choice.

Checking for Mandatory Components in Your Introduction and Conclusion:

The last step in a quality proofread of your essay is checking for all mandatory components in your introduction and conclusion. First and foremost your introduction should contain a thesis statement near or at the end of the paragraph. Before this you should also have brief preview of what your paper will be discussing. Your conclusion too should also have a similar re-statement of your thesis and a re-wording of your summary. Don’t simply cut and paste. Try to explain each major point in different words.

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