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Gene Doping

Gene doping is a form of medical science being explored as a possible option for athletes to improve their performance in sports. The idea is being researched and although there is controversy on whether the idea is safe, there are researchers skeptical of the proposed outcome from the experiment. In short, this is a form of gene manipulation to enhance certain features of the body. Hopeful researchers think this could help people dealing with bodily injury. It can help the body repair itself more efficiently without the use of traditional therapy. But will this work?

Gene doping is derived from a theory back in the 1970s related to research done to help correct genes and body cells. During the time it was thought this concept could help people recover from muscle injuries. It was thought to help improve or be an enhanced option of gene therapy. They would learn about how the body produces genes, blood and other pertinent elements essential for body repair. They also learned how the body reacts to pain and how it resists against it. These ideas along with medical testing would help understand how gene doping could be developed. But the process is far from becoming reality as organizations and government bodies prohibit these actions.

There are group organizations and government agencies that are not on board with the concept, and for good reason. Not only would this sort of idea cost a great deal of money, there are risks in taking genes and transferring them. There is a growing concern overall legal and ethical elements of the process. Some athletes could us this to their advantage and not just us it to improve their performance. This is being compared to athletes who were found to be taking performance enhancement drugs.

Even with trials of gene doping there were athletes found to have the procedure completed on them and they also took performance enhance drugs more than they should. Unfortunately, it raises the risk of negative health concerns including losing their lives. Gene doping is not considered a form of gene therapy but many health experts have their doubts. People continue to explore the concept even though government entities are against it. Researchers believe this could be something great when more is learned about it. This is a complex procedure that involves understanding how genes evolve and how they affect other parts of the body.

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