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PhD Dissertation Writing and Editing Advice

A PhD dissertation is no laughing matter. By this point, you may not have as many jitters and reservations – after all, you’ve likely written a dissertation before – but there’s still no getting over the nervousness of dissertation writing. To help ease your tension, we’ve put together a short list of comprehensive dissertation-writing advice. Use this advice to help you compose the most amazing dissertation possible for your next academic assignment.

• Remember your basics

Incredible ideas and enthusiasm may get you interest, but poor basics will get your dissertation turned down fast. Make sure – always make sure – that your grammar, punctuation, mechanics and usage are up to par. By the time you reach you PhD, this should be common knowledge – but you’d be surprised how often students forget it. Proofreading, rereading and editing will help eliminate errors in your writing that could cost you dearly on your dissertation. Remember your basics, and your dissertation will thank you!

• Get a second opinion

Never be too overconfident in your abilities – you may have a well-written, insightful dissertation, but it never hurts to get a second opinion. Find a professor, previous PhD student or online dissertation editor to help look over your work. You may find that something was not completely stated correctly, that your pacing was confusing, or any other number of other issues arose while you were entrenched in writing your dissertation. Two eyes are better than one, and this is no more true than in dissertation writing.

• Be original – be inventive

For most students, this will go without saying – but you really need to make sure that your dissertation is an original piece of work. There’s no harm in taking your time finding a truly insightful and unique dissertation topic. You can talk to professors, delve through research and build from concepts that truly peak your interest. Your enthusiasm and wonder will transfer into your writing, and set you up for success.

• Review other dissertations

Looking over the successful dissertations of past students may be a way to invent your own original ideas, or a way to compare your methodologies and research to others. Plus, if you review other dissertations, you’ll be able to discover whether or not you’re supposedly original dissertation is really as original as you think. Always review work in the sphere of your dissertation to improve the quality of your dissertation and the uniqueness of your thesis.

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