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Essays On Same Sex Marriage – How Not To Offend Anyone?

When students are asked to write on controversial hot topics such as same sex marriage legislation in America it can be difficult to tackle the assignment initially because many people do not want to be offensive in their writing. Students especially, who are not experienced writers, may feel a bit intimidated taking on such serious subject matter in a debate or argumentative essay because they are uncertain how their instructor feels about the topic itself. In fact nearly 50% of students would prefer to avoid writing about hot button issues like same sex marriage for a post-secondary writing assignment because they are worried about getting a low evaluation if the instructor is bias. Although many instructors, who encourage students to write about engaging and controversial topics try not to grade these assignments based on their own feelings regarding the subject matter, it is impossible to know for certain whether or not a student is being graded fairly. Consider for example, if the student wrote an argumentative paper against same sex marriage and the instructor himself was a homosexual, could this possibly jeopardize the students grade? This is something that scholars and students need to think about critically when they are tackling their writing assignments, ideally however, students should be instructed to learn how write their opinions in a way where nobody will be offended at all.

In a perfect world writing an article on “Same sex marriage issues” that didn’t offend anyone would be easy to be write. However in todays political climate unfortunately it is nearly impossible to do because we all have our varying opinions on topics of this nature. That addressed, there is a way that students can formally address subject matter like this without having to worry too much about pressing people’s buttons. The best way to approach tough subject matter is from an objective point of view. Examine both sides fairly, and try to introduce your arguments while also acknowledging empathy towards the other side. It is important to try to be open minded and at least in your writing. Use verifiable expert resources to compose your arguments instead of “in my opinion statements”. Be certain not to verbally attack a particular individual, instead critically examine the ideas and concepts that you are addressing. Not only will incorporating these techniques help your create more well-rounded composition, these techniques will also allow you to write about a hard topic in a fashion that will still get you that “A” grade evaluation that you are after.

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