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Writing The Body Part Of An Academic Paper

If you have ever had to write an academic paper, you probably know how downright confusing all those norms of writing can be. Academic writing pieces have to be written according to these norms not because this is how professors can get students more confused about what they actually have to do, but because this is how academic papers can be inter-connected to each other. This is the common grounds you will build your work upon with many other researchers out there.

Also, all the norms of academic writing are actually helpful once you get used with them. In fact, they will help you add meat and structure on your papers and this is extremely important when you are trying to make a point and actually bring valid arguments towards sustaining it. In one way or another, the structure of your paper will have to be well thought of because it will help you as a writer and it will also help your reader understand your point better.

The body of your academic writing paper will contain all the efforts you have put into your research up to the moment. This is why you will probably want to write it in a way that actually reveals how much you have been working on your research for this paper. If you want to hear out some of the best tips and tricks to use when writing the body of an academic paper, then you should certainly read on.

  1. Stick to the rules of your academic writing style (APA, MLA, etc.). Both the citations and the general formatting will have to be according to the rules of this style because this is precisely what will create the “common grounds” mentioned in the beginning.

  2. Always make sure that you bring thorough arguments and that they are well-structured. If it helps, make a paper outline beforehand and sketch at least two main arguments. Furthermore, make sure that you bring at least two sustaining ideas and the details (facts, research findings, and so on) to sustain each of them as well.

  3. Every paragraph means a new idea. Even more, every beginning of a paragraph should act like a “thesis statement” for the entire paragraph. This will help your readers select what is actually relevant for their own research.

  4. Use linking words to show that you are moving from one idea to another, to show that you are drawing a conclusion and so on. They will really add that structure to your body!

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