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Building Up Basic Writing Skills: Editing Tips for Polishing Your Paper

The reason why people love quizzes over assignments and research essays is that you do not have to worry about the presentation of your work. What matters is your content’s relevancy regardless of the quality or mistakes. Not many people are fond of editing and proof reading yet it is considered as an important skill these days. So in order to make sure you are well acquainted with the basics of editing people have devised a very simple process for you to follow:

  1. Analyze your past writings

    Review your past works. Dig up the archives and take out your past essay writings or college assignments. You are looking for a pattern and unique writing styles you have adopted in the past. It will be helpful if you specifically look for the details. If you seed, marks by the teacher pointing out your mistakes that is a good start you are hunting your own weaknesses. If you successfully find a pattern of your errors and mistakes in writing, you can use them as a counter protection to avoid future mistakes or for the very least be able to point them out in your future writings.

  2. Let WORD heal you

    If you are using Microsoft word for your essay, half of your editing and proofreading has already been done for you. You can always alter your word settings to correct or highlight your writing errors for you. Majority of the people turn them off because they find them useless or annoying. On the contrary, word helped many get rid of many writing errors because they got used to someone telling them they were wrong.

  3. Fix the loose screws

    If you find your paper disconnected it is your job to organize it. Tie whatever loose ends you come across. Do not leave anything incomplete. Your audience deserves a neat and proper closure.

  4. Grammar Nazi

    Be ruthless when you see you have messed up your tenses. Slangs are forbidden in this part of the country.

  5. Avoid the typos

    Do not blame your computer for autocorrect typos. It is your job to make sure you write what you intend to.

  6. Say no to duplication

    If you come across double words or sentence repetitions, remove them at once. You might not loose marks on them but they certainly do not cast a good impression on the reader.

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