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Avoiding Common Errors in your Math Homework

For many people, math is not easy and they will struggle to get their homework done error-free. If that sounds like you, this article should help you to know what to look for when checking your math homework for errors. When you are first going through your homework and solving for the answers, you are probably feeling pretty intense. Now is not the time to go over your work. You need to finish it first and then come back to it later to find the errors. Chances are you won’t see them the first time you look.

Common math errors to avoid

  1. Missing a question. You skip over it and tell yourself you’ll come back to solve it later but then you forget to do it. If you hand it in like that, the question will be graded with a zero.
  2. Solving a word problem and then forgetting to put the answer in the context of a sentence.
  3. Answering a multiple choice question with two answers. This is more common than you think! When choosing a multiple choice answer, students will sometimes circle two possibilities and then forget to erase the one they are eliminating. When the teacher sees two answers were circled, it’s automatically marked wrong.
  4. Forgetting to write down the units that belong to the numerical answer. When a math question contains units, the answer must contain units also.
  5. Not reading the question clearly enough and then because you don’t understand the question fully, you don’t arrive at the correct solution. For example, a question may have asked to put a series of numbers in a descending order. You didn’t read very well and you put them in ascending order. Wrong answer!
  6. Leaving your textbook at the school. When you arrive home after school and take your assignment out of your pack, you realize you need the textbook to help you understand the questions but you left it at school!
  7. Not checking your work. You may have finished your homework and think that it wasn’t very hard at all. You’re glad to be done and you put it away. The error is that you didn’t double-check your work. Re-check the wording on each question and make sure you understood it fully and answered the questions correctly.
  8. Leaving homework until the last minute or in other words, procrastinating. This is probably the biggest error of all, because it means you don’t have time to figure out difficult problems or check your work for errors.

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