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Proofreading an Essay: A Simple Guide for School Students

Proofreading an essay, is one of the surest means to get the best grades. But how to do so, is often the question that needs answered. Yes, it is time consuming, but not that hard to do. Checking style, grammar, spelling, and the information are basically easy to do. So lets break it down to make it easier.

  1. Section by Section
  2. Double Check the Information
  3. Follow the Outline
  4. Final Review

Section by Section

After the research is done, and the outline written, each section should be checked while it is still fresh. In the introduction, are each part written as well as can be done?

  1. Catch Line; does the first line grab the attention of the reader, would it make you want to read it?
  2. Problem Line; does this state the problem you are writing about clearly?
  3. Viewpoint Line; can the reader see what your view is, and understand it?
  4. Outline; from line four through the reader should know in some way know what to expect from the essay.

Do the same with the Body, and the Conclusion.

Double Check the Information

When you are through, check your resources. Did you cite them right? Is the information correct? Are they referenced Correctly? Making sure all of this is done, and done right will increase the grade of the paper. The information has to be stated clearly and concisely. If you opened the book to the listed page, will find your quote? If not, find the error.

Follow the Outline

The outline is there for a reason, to make it easier for you. If changes are made, then make them in your outline as well. Check the outline and see if the changes will affect anything else. Sometimes they will. They have to be changed as well to work with the earlier change. Then check your essay to the outline to make sure you missed nothing.

Final Review

Here is where the work gets tedious. Check for all errors in the paper. Look for grammar, spelling, and technical errors. Make sure the paper reads smoothly, and the reader can easily follow the thought expressed in it. Check your sections and subsections and make sure they fit the requirements they need to. Are the graphs, charts, and / or pictures placed right in the paper? If not, correct them. Everything adds to the quality of the paper, and to your grade.

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