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Basic rules to choose the best marketing research paper topics

It’s important for students choose great research paper topics in their marketing classes if they want to be able to get the academic and professional recognition they deserve. This guide includes some basic rules students should follow when determining what they’ll write their research paper on in their marketing courses.

  1. Choose an area of marketing that interests you.
  2. Students should always choose a topic which intrigues them personally. They’ll be more motivated, ambitious, and enthusiastic during the research and writing processes, and this will lead to a better final paper. And yes, that goes for non-marketing majors too! Marketing is a large and diverse field of study, so there’s always a way to relate it to a topic that the student is interested in.

  3. Choose a topic with plenty of source material to research.
  4. This is especially true for students who hate the research grind! A multitude of quality sources related to the topic can make it far, far easier to write a quality marketing research paper. More sources mean having to make less assumptions in the writing, and being able to back up the arguments presented in the paper that much easier.

  5. Choose a detailed topic.
  6. Instructors will be most impressed if the topic the student chooses is specific enough that they can make detailed statements about it. Vague, broad topics are a no-no for this type of assignment. So long as there is enough research material to make the paper meet the minimum page length, the more specific it is the better!

  7. Choose a topic with a unique perspective.
  8. The overall topic may be one which has been written about extensively (after all, that’s why there are so many quality sources available), but that doesn’t mean the paper should just be a reboot of what’s been written in the past. An easily researched topic can be made much more original simply by the student choosing to write from a unique perspective. They can use the information available, for example, to come to a new conclusion, or to refine a conclusion that other writers have reached. They can even opt to refute what major writers have written.

  9. Ensure that the topic is clear and straightforward.
  10. When choosing a topic, specificity is important, but so is clarity. Students should define their topic precisely in order to write a well organized paper about it.

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