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Term Paper Mill: Legal Status

Many people's initial reaction when they first hear about the term paper writing mills that exist online is "that can't possibly be legal?" Well the truth is term paper mills are not illegal per-say they are just immensely unethical for several reasons and have really contributed to the increasing instances of plagiarisms cases in schools at every sing academic level. High Schools, Colleges, and Universities all have been fighting the growing trend of online Term Paper Mill's since they began to emerge. Unfortunately there is no way to make these services "illegal" because they exist on servers that are outside of the national derestriction.

The problem with Term Paper Mills is that they are not exactly beneficial to students because they rob them of learning experiences. However, whether or not you want to argue about the importance of students doing their own work there are also a few other reasons why term paper mills are bad. #1.) Native-English speaking writers do not usually write the term papers that they offer. #2.) If English writers write them they are typically not original material and have been copied from various online resources. #3.) The papers are not customized for the assignment criteria so they may not be useful to the student at all!

Even if a student is determined to purchase their assignment online, there are better alternatives to using those free term paper content mills that advertise their services online. It isn't a good idea to risk your entire academic career because you accidentally downloaded a copied assignment from an online resource. Instead, students need to take responsibility for their own success and make sure that they are careful when buying their paper online- or maybe it is just a better idea to write the entire assignment by your self from scratch.

Safely Buying Assignments Online

Although these paper mills are not illegal they are immensely unethical and take advantage of desperate students who will do anything to improve their grades or meet a tight deadline. If you find yourself in need of a term paper FAST, do not act hastily and just hand in the first thing that you find online. If you get charged with plagiarism you will be expelled or severely punished it is a better idea to do your research and make sure that you are not being scammed.

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