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Vital Term Paper Editing Prompts

A term paper is going to have a significant effect on the final grade a person earns in their class. It also should represent a lot of work as people struggle to work their way through the research, organization and writing of the paper that is going to affect their grade. How a person edits their work is obviously going to have a significant effect on the appearance and quality of the final product that is going to be handed in. What is an editing prompt? It is a way of looking at your work differently and produces better research through the use of better writing. These are vital term paper editing prompts which are designed to allow your term papers to earn the best grades possible.

One of the best and simplest editing prompts is to use a word count website to analyze your writing. Simply highlight your work, copy and paste it into the website and let it analyze. What you will get is all of the word usage for the entire article. There will be single words, two word phrases and three word phrases as well. Often it will surprise an author how much they use a particular word. That also provides the subliminal message in your mind to stop doing it. So not only will you be able to improve the current term paper but it also will improve your writing in the future as well. This is one of the most valuable self editing prompts that exist today and all students who want to become better writers should do it.

Another great editing prompt is to read your term paper out loud. At first it may seem to be weird or redundant but the mistakes on the page that in your mind sound just great will jump out at you when read out loud. Grammar that is not up to snuff never stands that verbal test. Even better is to take a moment and read it out loud for someone else or have them read it to you. The effort will reward you with a finished product that is easy to read and lacking in mistakes. This is the simplest and probably most effective editing prompt there is for a term paper or any other paper for that matter.

Finally, a great editing prompt is to involve some fun physical activity as a punishment to lessen the amount of mistakes that are made. Simply recognize a writing problem that you have to improve on and then seek it out in your writing. Whenever you find a similar error then force yourself to take a quick break and do ten to fifty sit ups. This will draw your consciousness toward the mistake and it will be made less often.

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