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Research Paper Writing Help: Formatting Guide

Writing a research paper can be trivial, for a technical writer, or people who haven't gotten acclimated with its structure. No matter who you are, or what level of familiarity you have in dealing with the subject matter, there exist basic structures in which you can format your paper to resemble.

The Different Sections of Your Research Paper

Your research paper should include at best an introduction, body, and conclusion. The one pager will have less of a body, than one that is lengthier. The introduction is useful to the reader because it reveals what the paper is about before you get into the paper. In doing this the reader can decide right away if they want to continue reading on. The first sentence of your introduction has to command the reader attention, by providing an attention grabber. In the introduction you can also include main points that will be discussed, and the thesis.

The body of your research paper is next. The body is the lengthiest part of the research paper. During the body you will be allowed to talk about main points that are relevant to backing up your thesis. Your main points should be accompanied by theory and research, such backing evidence will make you research stronger.

The conclusion is the best part of your research paper. It is best because it means that paper you worked on all week long is drawing to a close. This portion should grab the reader’s attention. Remind the about what the paper is about, key points related to your argument, and other relevant information.

Important Notes on Formatting your Paper

When writing your paper you need to make sure your paper is focused. Stay on topic, and relate all key points back to the thesis statement, or main idea. Make sure your paper is also concise and clear. Don’t go into details that you don't have time to explain. Only use the most important main ideas, especially if your paper does not require a high word count. When writing your paper be sure to use simple language that speaks to your audience, Make sure you are able to captivate your audience, see to it that they become emotionally invested in your work. Becoming emotionally invested will ensure that they continue to read your work. Always be confident in your work, your confidence will provide a paper or thesis your readers will believe in.

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