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How to Proof-Read Your Term Paper Carefully

One of the most common mistakes students make is failing to properly edit and proofread the final draft of their term paper before turning it in. While it may seem to be a minor issue in light of the amount of dedication simply writing a great paper requires, many instructors are particularly hard on students whose papers fall short of perfect grammar and spelling. While these things may not directly reflect on the paper’s content, they do reflect upon the student’s attention to detail and their discipline. Likewise, a lackluster paper which is presented with impeccable spelling and grammar will receive a better than expected grade.

Software isn’t Perfect

One reason that students have become more apathetic about proper proofreading is the fact that word processing software has become extremely effective at highlighting or even automatically fixing the majority of common mistakes. Unfortunately, however, even the most advanced of these programs is prone to missing some very serious mistakes. In particular, the misuse of a homophone can go undetected under certain circumstances. In other cases, a student may simply type the wrong word altogether, out of confusion over its meaning. When these simple mistakes are made, it’s patently obvious to the instructor that the student did not actively proofread.

Proofreading Problems

Even those students that understand the value of proofreading sometimes run into difficulties. Proofreading one’s own paper is problematic because of the tendency for one’s brain to “autocorrect” mistakes when re-reading one’s own personal writing. It’s critical to have a second, or even third, volunteer to proofread your term paper. It’s particularly helpful if you have them proofread the paper in sections as you finish each portion of the rough draft.

Choosing a Proofreader

Finally, many students overestimate the abilities of their friends or don’t take into consideration the conventions required of academic writing. Those who choose proofreaders who aren’t aware, for example, of the distaste many instructors have of using passive voice, or their preference for certain tenses, will run into problems. It’s best to have a student in the same class proofread your paper, because they’re familiar with your instructor’s foibles. If that isn’t possible, consider asking your professor if there is a teaching assistant or graduate student available. Finally, you can consider hiring a professional academic editing and proofreading service to thoroughly proofread your term paper before turning it in.

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