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Literature Essay Writing: Choosing your Favorite Author

Writing an essay in English class is a pretty common assignment for teachers to provide students with. There are a lot of difficult aspects students have to master to write a good essay, but nothing can get started until a good topic is chosen. The actual decision of what to write about is one that teachers often neglect leaving their students on their own. There are several different schools of thought about how best to accomplish this, no one answer is going to work for everyone. Some would say that choosing a book by your favorite author is the best way to go, but there are drawbacks to that decision as well.

Pros of Choosing Favorite Author

One of the best things a student can do to make the essay writing process easier for them is to choose a topic that they already have an interest in. Writing a literature essay about a work by your favorite author will fit that bill. The student will already have an idea about the style of the writer and have a built in knowledge about their works. Really there is no substitute for enthusiasm in writing a great literature essay. It will allow a student to easily do research and fulfill most requirements of others. Every essay will be different and ask for some opinion that the student will have to support. Using a person’s favorite author can make that easy.

Cons of Choosing Favorite Author

Choosing your favorite author isn’t always appropriate though because often times the point of the essay may not be to be flattering to a work but to be critical. When a student writes about someone whom they admire, it is often difficult to look at their work with an open mind and be objective about the stories. Not every piece of work by any author is going to be perfect and if an essay is to be critical it could be difficult to write objectively. We all have preconceived notions about the authors we like.

How to Choose an Essay Topic

There is no singular way to choose a topic but brainstorming is a great way to get started. When you brainstorm it involves making a list about all the things that pop into your mind without any sort of criticism or questioning. This will allow the student to build a list without judgment. This list should be set aside for a time and then revisited later. When it is revisited, each of the essay options can be dismissed or accepted on the basis of their validity only.

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