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New Testament History and World View Background

The New Testament history depicts itself in another, more fundamental, sense. Every part of the New Testament, whether a Apocalypse, the books of Acts, a letter, is written by the authors who are convinced behold doubts that they are overarched by a Jesus who is behind them, ahead of them and above them. All those books are rooted in a specific historical situation while at the same time aware of the overarching Jesus. The writers of the New Testament tell their story of Jesus as a continuation of God’s story of the Israelites recorded in the Hebrew scripture. This research paper will give a chronological history of the New Testament and the worldview background of the New Testament History.

The New Testament history cannot detach itself from Jesus Christ existence. The story of Jesus is not a freestanding. Quite the contrary the narrative of the New Testament presents the genealogy of Jesus back to Abraham in the Matthew’s Gospel and to Adam in Acts of Apostle and Luke. In essence, God who is the subject of the Old Testament is still the one who is the subject of the New Testament. The Gospels of the New Testament are the product of those Christian communities that became the matrix for the later Orthodox churches.Those are the composition, which oral traditions and earlier written documents incorporate into writings. Those took points of their departure from the Kerygma of Jesus’ cross and resurrection. The passion narrative constitutes the rise of the gospel literature, the literal model of biography, which increases its further development.

Koester (2000) avers that the four canonical gospels have additional fragments of apocryphal, which preserves the bearing and designation of the word “Gospel”. The further production of theological treatises is closely relates to the rise of Christian apologetic literature, which continues the tradition of Jewish apologetic writings. During the first decades after Jesus death, the apostles understands themselves, as the spirit of God empowers them to proclaim the new message of salvation of Israel to both Jews and Gentiles. The Holy Scripture became binding for all Christians. This gives the conviction that all those writing are in their original form. Therefore, any New Testament history is true to the practice of history and accounts for the early church of God, its faith, and its apostles.

Corollary to the Hebrew belief in the existence of God is his presence and activities within history and in the material world as well as behold it. Therefore, the worldview has the general understanding of how God relates to the universe and how it should operate. This is the worldview background of looking and explaining reality on how and why things happen. Biblical writers assume a distinct worldview, yet it controls their religion thought and writing.

In conclusion, Jesus Christ of God is the driving force for the history of New Testament. Jesus has the intellectual and spiritual impact on his immediate followers and through them to others. The New Testament history must appreciate Jesus and consider the effect he had on others, including Paul who, to our knowledge, had not personally known Jesus.

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