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Term Papers And Essays Writing: Learning The Specific Styles

A lot of students don't realize it until they're assigned the paper. They don't realize that there are several different styles of term papers and even essays. And, there's a specific reason why there are several different styles of term papers in the first place.

Why term papers have specific styles

When students and other professionals write term papers, they typically need a way to best express their collected thoughts and analyses about specific subjects. While they can easily collect their thoughts in a way that's relevant to them, many educational organizations have standards that help them efficiently collect their thoughts in a way that produces a better paper.

That's where the styles of essay writing come in. Different organizations have developed different writing styles of allow both writers and researchers to develop standards in how to curate and write term papers and even essays.

These styles were actually developed by many educational organizations. The development of these term paper styles essentially allowed these organizations to standardize how term papers are written in educational contexts nowadays.

The styles of term papers

When it comes to term paper styles, there are three know styles that are used in many educational contexts. These styles are MLA, APA or URM. All of these styles represent some form of structure for term papers, specifically assigning a 'uniform' guideline for students and other writers to use writing essentials to structure and express their term paper subjects in the most concise way possible.

MLA – Modern Language Association

The Modern Language Association style is the style used mostly by scholars, teachers and students, in addition to associates of the humanities and various professional writers. Because the guidelines for this particular style (can be found at the MLA's website) are so widely used, it's more or less considered the best style for academic papers.

APA – American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association style is the main style used by the American Psychological Association in all of their print publications. It's also the main style that's used by various professionals who are involved in the social sciences. The style was initially developed over 80 years ago by a group of social scientists, who wanted to establish 'sound standards of communication.' The APA's style guide can be found at their official website, where they describe the style as one that offers, 'guidance for writing with simplicity, power and concision.'

URM – Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts

The Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts style was first adopted in 1997 by various medical and biomedical journals. The creator of this style, the International Committee of Medical Journal Writers, has continued to push this style as the standard for medical journals. To this day, many current major medical journals use the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts style or write using some variant of the aforementioned style.

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