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The Correct Essay Outline Format

Essays can be hard to write, and most students that struggle with them find that they can’t focus because they don’t have an outline or a format to work from. This is a common problem, but one that’s luckily easy to fix. Whenever you are assigned an essay that you don’t want to write, think about why you have to write it. Your teacher is looking for something in particular. Most of the time, they are looking for your to show them how much of the information you’ve learned so far in class. They are looking for proof that you can use the concepts you’ve retained and present them back to the teacher.

Once you know this, you can pretty much formulate an essay that will answer all of your teacher’s expectations. So when you want to make an outline from this idea, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Read all of the instructions from your teacher carefully and figure out what exactly they want from this essay. Things like how many facts and quotes vs. how many opinions and speculations they expect are good things to know ahead of time.
  2. Ask the teacher about any part of this if it isn’t completely clear. If you have a teacher that tends to be vague about what they want, make sure you ask specific questions and then ask them what they mean again if there answer is still unclear.
  3. Then, pick a topic (if you weren’t assigned one) and begin your research. The best way to do this is to get a general knowledge of what you need to know, but not too in depth, and then after your first draft is finished, go back and look up a few more things that you didn’t know you needed.
  4. Writing the first draft: there can be a variety of ways to do this, but generally teachers like seeing an introduction paragraph, several ‘argument’ or body paragraphs that are the bulk of the entire essay, and then a conclusion, which is usually the shortest part.

Writing an essay is easy once you know the method for doing it. All you need to know to get started right now is on this page. Get out your keyboard or pencil and begin writing; all it takes is a start and then your momentum will see you through to the end.

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