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A Tutorial For Creating Strong 5 Paragraph Essays

Essays come in all forms and sizes. The ever-popular 5 paragraph essay is comprised of 5 parts which each serve their own purpose. Each of these parts must clearly and concisely perform its objective. These essays are fairly quick and simple to write because of their relatively short length. However, the art of essay writing can certainly be perfected. This short tutorial will outline the basics of creating an amazing 5 paragraph essay.

  1. The introduction. This is the first paragraph of your essay and must meet the following guidelines: The introductory paragraph must captivate the reader. The opening sentence must be like the bait on a hook. It must tell the reader exactly what the essay is going to be about. It must introduce the topic to your audience. It must contain the thesis question or thesis statement. In most cases, it should be located at the very end of this paragraph.
  2. The body. This part of the essay will contain 3 paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs must meet the following criteria:
    • Each paragraph will contain a main supporting idea.
    • Each supporting idea must be able to stand on its own in support of the thesis
    • The 3 main ideas must be relevant to the thesis statement and/or directly answer the thesis question.
  3. The conclusion. This is the fifth paragraph in the essay. It’s the final chance to convince the reader about the stand you took or to show them how your evidence supported your thesis. The conclusion is usually the most memorable part of the entire essay.

Making a strong essay stand out from the rest

There are several things you can do to take your essay from flimsy to strong. First of all, be sure you have used convincing supportive facts or ideas. A common mistake made by essay writers is to pull in facts that aren’t related to one of the 3 main ideas.

Keep your writing laser-focused. Just because some information you found is interesting doesn’t mean it belongs in your essay. Is it essential to your thesis? If not, don’t use it. If you need the information to support your thesis, it’s essential to include it. Proofread and edit your essay. When an essay is immaculately clean – contains no spelling or grammar mistakes – it rises to the top in quality.

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