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3 Simple Essay Proofreading Tips

Your essay is not complete unless you proofread it first because you may have errors that you never thought would be in it unless someone brought it to your attention. While you should learn how to proofread your own essays, it is also a good idea to let others do it if you are on a limited schedule and cannot do it yourself. But for those who have the time, you want to proofread it yourself so that your essay will look presentable to the professor.

Check The Formatting

You want to make sure that the essay is formatted according to the professor’s instructions to avoid having points taken off. If your essay is to be typed in Chicago Manual of Style, refer to an instruction book that teaches people how to type in this format. Or if you need to set different margins and font sizes for your essays, pay close attention to these things as you proofread thr paper. Refer to the professor’s instructions when proofreading the essay and if you see that you did not answer the professor’s questions about the topic you’re writing about, write the essay over if needed.

Look Out for Factual and Grammatical Mistakes

This is important because these are the most common mistakes in an essay and you want to avoid them if you want a good grade. Double check all quotes, case studies, and magazine article references you used in the essay so that you will have an essay that is based on facts rather than invalid sources. Look at any huge words you used in the essay and make sure you used them in the right context. Review the sentence structures in the essay and see if the subjects and verbs all agree.


Writing an excellent essay takes proper proofreading so as you correct errors in the essay, you are eliminating anything that does not make sense and that is too repetitive. Beware of boring introductions because the introduction should be a catchy teaser about what you will cover in the essay. Another thing to look out for is appearances of plagiarism even if it was not your intention to do so. Professors are savvy about detecting this and your best bet would be to paraphrase and use mostly your own words in the essay. Finally, proofread at least two times.

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