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How To Edit Your College Essay

You should always edit your college essay because many professors are turned off by essays that are not written correctly according to the required format. To get started with the editing process, you want to get an instruction book on proofreading and writing essays in the format your professor requires so that his job will be easier when he reads your paper. Let an older relative or classmate look over your paper if he is skilled in typing well-organized essays. You should do a fact check of the research you included in the essay so that the professor will not chide you for poorly researched work.

Revise Introduction if Necessary

It is also important that you look over the introduction because during the research gathering process you may have gotten additional interviews and book chapters printed out to help you write the essay. Or it could be that you have a different point of view than you had when you first started the essay. These changes need to be reflected in the introduction when editing the essay.

Make Sure Your Argument Is Valid

This is important because if your argument doesn’t make sense, the rest of the essay will be out of order. For example, if you make the claim that the new healthcare laws in the United States will hurt low-income families the most, you will need to go over the points you made to prove that this is true to ensure that the argument holds up. If you notice that you put too much of your own opinion in the essay, add more objective research.

Make Sure Formatting Is Correct

Formatting is important in an essay so you want to check for errors in this aspect of the essay. Look at the number of times you indented between each paragraph and check the font, font size and margins that you set for the essay. If the professor wants you to use headers at the top of the page, use them.

A well-written essay makes the difference between a bad or good grade and since your goal is to make the best grades and become a responsible student, you would do well to edit the essay before turning it in. The best way to edit an essay is to do so according to your professor’s guidelines. Finally, accept any constructive criticism you may receive from others about the essay.

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