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How To Organize An MLA Format Research Paper

Ever wonder how to organize an MLA format research paper? We will tell you.

When you include any resources in your research paper that is being written in the MLA style then you must use a citation to describe the reference. The purpose of this is to point your reader towards the text that you have used as a source of your research. Within the composition the reference is merely mentioned. It is actually in the works cited page where the full reference will be found.

The best way to understand how to make in-text citations is to look at an MLA formatted paper. You will notice that the references are included in brackets after the example.

Most of the time all that will be included within the brackets is the author’s name and the title. This is so that the reader can find the page number and publication information on the works cited page.

Why MLA Format?

So why does MLA require you to reference page numbers and publications so specifically. The main reason is because MLA is a form of academic writing that is universally understood. Instructors assign MLA formatted papers because they are easy to reference check if they have been cited correctly. Many academic publications also use the MLA style so that students or other interested parties can easily find the references that they are being mentioned in the document. Basically, MLA format is just the easy way to list sources without disrupting the flow of the written content.

There are also some less obvious reasons why MLA is the best way to go. For example MLA verifies that the author has re-written the source material in his or her own words and given proper credit to the original author. This is important for students who are concerned about being accused of plagiarism.

MLA citations also help to verify the legitimacy of the paper. By looking at the quality of examples and resources being used. An individual can tell how valid a research paper is by looking at where the author procured their information.

Learning how to organize an MLA format research paper is an important part of any post-secondary curriculum. Students should create for themselves an easy to use MLA reference sheet so that they are not docked marks for incorrect formatting. If you are still confused about how to properly cite your sources you should consult with your instructor.

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