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Searching For Online Thesis Proofreading Services

In searching for help with thesis proofreading online, many students focus on finding tried and true strategies for proofreading their own writing. In addition to these strategies, they may also come across other methods for ensuring an error free final draft.

Proofreading Your Own Thesis—Online Tips

There are a number of common tips offered online for those who want to proofread their own work. Here are a few of them:

Other Options

While the above tips can definitely improve the quality of one’s own personal proofreading, it’s generally accepted that a better tactic is to have a third party proofread your work. The main reason for this is the difficulty many have in engaging fully with their own writing. The contents of the paper are, after all, stored in your brain already. The problem with this is that you are likely to zoom past typos while “seeing” the correctly spelled word in your head, missing the mistake altogether.

Finding Someone to Proofread

For those who prefer a free service, consider teaming up with another doctoral student, or asking your department head if there’s anyone available who would be willing to proofread your thesis (or a portion of it). If you can find a partner, this can be a wonderful, mutually beneficial agreement. It also can help to clear your head in terms of going back and editing your paper, because you’ll be able to practice proofreading on a paper you haven’t written.

Others prefer to hire a professional proofreader or editor. Be certain that the person you hire, if you go this route, is experienced in academic writings in particular. As any PhD candidate well knows, committees expect certain writing rules and conventions to be followed.

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