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How to ensure the proper formatting of your academic paper?

In higher education learning the amount of academic papers you have to write can be astronomical. With every assignment being important and every point counting towards your grade point average, it is essential that you get all the formatting correct on each academic paper. Before beginning to type your essay, start off with programming your word processor. Programming your word processor will make the formatting a lot smoother and efficient for you.

Most word processors have a format programming option along the top of the screen where you can place what type of font you need for your paper. Most universities, along with professors require arial or times new roman for the font, it is the most known font for academic papers and journals. If you program the document to have the correct font from the beginning, you don’t have to worry about switching the font after you have already written the whole essay.

Formatting the paper to one inch margins are also essential to proper formatting. Any more than one inch margins and you have points docked off your academic paper. Academic journals will also expect one inch margins.

Before you start your paper find out what type of spacing your professor prefers. There is usually a split between single spaced or double spaced as far as to what most professors want. Some will want double spacing just so that they have more space to edit your paper or simply so that it is easier to read. Other professors will want the paper to be single spaced so that you as a student become more accustomed to writing scholarly papers, it is a professor’s way to help you practice how to write in a more scholarly way for journals and graduate school.

An aspect that many people forget about when it comes to formatting their academic papers is the title and heading. Titles and headings are extremely important. Without a heading your academic paper cannot be linked back to you and therefore you can’t receive the credit or grade for your paper that you need. A title is important in your formatting so that your professor can know that you took the time to find a title for your paper, it also should encompass what your paper is about so that they have an idea of what to expect before reading your paper.

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