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Essay on Alcoholism - Whom to Blame?

In all societies all over the world there are people who are addicted to alcohol. This behavior is so very common that most people do not even give the reasons why this phenomenon began a second thought. However, shouldn’t there be a root cause of this type of disease that is so prevalent and destructive in all levels of society today. Like almost all mysteries there is not going to be one culprit in contributing to addictive behavior. There are several suspects that we will look at as we try to understand what causes alcoholism and the effects it has on society. Having a drink of alcohol is not the issue. It is when the consumption of alcohol manages to disrupt living a life in a productive manner. The abuse of alcohol can lead to major health problems and even in some cases death. So learn the part that each aspect of your life plays in the decision making process.

Genetics Plays a Part

One of the factors of alcoholism can clearly be caused by genetics. All of us have a family history and that history is going to present us with much of the genetic makeup that we will carry through life. If our grandparents and parents were alcoholics then we are going to have a larger genetic disposition to that as well. There isn’t much that we can do to battle this type of genetic disposition, but to be aware of it is the most important thing. If you knew that there was going to be a significant chance that alcoholism was going to take charge of your life then you might try harder to find situations that didn’t involve the abuse of alcohol.

Family Experiences Play A part

How your family treats alcohol is going to go a long way in determining how you are going to use this drug. If it is a natural part of your daily life growing up then it will probably continue to be a part of your life as an adult. Even when people go through very difficult experiences brought on by the alcohol use of others, they still abuse the drug themselves. A parent is the biggest role model a kid is going to have and if they spend their time, making alcohol the center of attention then it makes sense that the attitude is going to be transferred along as well. Combine all of these factors along with the pressures that our society places on people to drink and make it the only activity that young people are supposed to strive to accomplish.

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